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In high school, I took as many fine art classes as possible and explored graphic design and digital art as a hobby to expand my artistic abilities. I decided to invest in a drawing tablet and began to explore digital art because I realized how much I enjoyed making things digitally with my laptop.

I began practicing my skills starting off with applications such as Gimp and Paint Tool Sai and then transitioned into Adobe Photoshop where I spent a month getting to know the program from the perspective of an artist. Considering I had only used Photoshop for graphic design, I needed to take time to find which tools I was comfortable with.


I created my Instagram account @celxoart in January of 2017 and post illustrations where I continue to find my art style everyday. Over time, I saw my growth as a digital artist and have been in love with it ever since. Being an digital illustrator has motivated me to create as much art as possible outside of university and has help me realize how much I love art and design.


Programs: Adobe Photoshop & After Effects. Final Cut Pro

Tablet: Wacom Intuos Pro 3


Sept 2018:  Dua Lipa (2 hours)


May 2018:  Cristina Nadin (6 - 8 hours)


May 2018:  Tashi Rodriguez (6 - 8 hours)


Jan 2020:  Billie Eilish (6 hours)


Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does each portrait usually take?

Each portrait varies depending on how much detail I'd like to add. I've had some take as short as 2 hours to complete where others can take up to 8 hours. 

2. What are some tips you'd give to people who are trying to get into digital art?​

I would tell them to keep on practicing as much as possible. It'll be very helpful to get to know the program that you'd like to use, experimenting with different brushes until you find the one that you like, and getting used to whatever drawing tablet you're using. I spent about a month figuring out Photoshop and tried different brushes whether they were default brushes or ones online for download. It took some time, but definitely worth it because now I'm comfortable with everything. 

3. Why do you only draw portraits? What made you interested in doing this?

Growing up, I've always been interested in drawing faces.. I used to be the person that would randomly draw an eye on my papers during classes. I noticed overtime that drawing facial features is what I was good at compared to drawing stuff like animals or scenery and decided to continue to improve my skills.

4. Would you like to do anything in the future as an illustrator?

I've always thought it would be cool to be able to illustrate and make a living off of selling my artwork. However, I've realized that I'm interested in doing so many things that it's hard to tell if I'd do illustration work full-time or only as a hobby.


Mar 2017: Troye Sivan


Apr 2017: Andrea Russett


May 2017: Kristin Johns


Jan 2018: Liza Koshy


Feb 2018: Jess Conte


May 2019: Dua Lipa


Dec 2019: Cristina Nadin


Jul 2020: Jennie Kim


Feb 2018: Cole Sprouse

Jan 2018: Dua Lipa

AUG 2018


At the beginning of the school year, GBDA Society held an event aimed at new first-year students to a bonfire. Society members and upper-year students were also there to answer any questions.


Aug 2017: Ariana Grande


Jan 2021: Rosé


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