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GBDA Society

The Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) Society is the representative student body for undergraduate students enrolled in GBDA at the University of Waterloo.

My responsibilities included making all of the graphics and promotional materials for events associated with the society. Deliverables included social media posts, stories, banners, and a graphic for the large atrium screen. I worked directly with the external Chief of External Communications and Director of Operations to coordinate an advertising schedule to post on social media ensuring students are aware of what is happening in the community. 

Chief of Design
President, Chief of Finance, Director of Operations, Director of Academics, Chief of Internal Communications, Chief of External Communications
May 2018 - May 2019


After creating my e-portfolio years later, I realized that I spent quite a lot of time making these designs. Back when GBDA Society was starting to gain more attention from each of the cohorts, as a team, we didn't develop a style guide to represent the society.

For future projects I take on, I will remember to design graphics within the company/brand/initiative's brand guidelines. This will allow for everything to look more cohesive and recognizable on social media. Reviewing these designs now, while they all look individually pleasing, they do not successfully represent GBDA Society.


GBDA Gala: Enchanted Forest

At the end of every year, GBDA Society plans and hosts a gala that brings together GBDA students from all years. The gala is intended to be a year-end celebration event to congratulate students for their hard work and getting through the year.

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GBDA Society planned and hosted a karaoke event mainly aimed at second years students. Students were able to sign up with songs they would like to perform in the atrium during lunchtime. It gained attraction through GBDA Society’s and other student’s Instagram stories.

​After discussing theme ideas for the karaoke event, the society thought it would be amusing to replicate 'Kidz Bop' which is a brand of compilation albums featuring children singing contemporary pop songs.

​I looked at their previous album designs and took inspiration from that. I thought it would be a fun idea especially if GBDA Society was to host another karaoke event in which the designs would be simple to change.

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GBDA Sticker Contest: Vaporwave

Annually, GBDA Society hosts a sticker contest where students can submit their own designs based on a theme - this year's theme being 'VAPORWAVE'. Stickers are chosen through votes by students and then they are printed onto a sticker sheet to be sold to students.

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At the beginning of the school year, GBDA Society held an event aimed at new first-year students to a bonfire. Society members and upper-year students were also there to answer any questions.

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