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Lilacustudios is a small business owned by two sisters, specializing in the sale of art prints and stickers that we personally create. Our entrepreneurial journey began during the COVID-19 pandemic when we found ourselves bored while quarantining. As designers, we find joy in bringing our ideas to life, taking them from conception to completion. This included the creation of artwork, printing, and packaging.

During our time at a local UPS store, where we previously worked, we not only handled shipping and packaging duties but also assisted small businesses with their various needs. This exposure to services like designing posters, banners, business cards, and custom printing on items like t-shirts and mugs further fueled our interest in the creative process.

We thoroughly enjoyed researching and designing unique products that we could offer to our customers, accompanied by thoughtful packaging. This experience, combined with our passion for design, motivated us to establish Lilacustudios.

Co-Founder, Designer, Social Media Manager
Co-founder & Designer: Angela Nguyen
2020 - 2022


In addition to creating the artwork we wanted to sell, I took on the responsibility of building and managing our website and online store. Initially, we chose Shopify as our platform, utilizing its features to handle order fulfillment. However, after a few months, we decided to close our Shopify store due to not achieving the desired results. We made a switch to Etsy instead.

As a beginner in the e-commerce world, I realized that I should have conducted more research to determine which platform would be better suited for our selling needs. Initially, Shopify intrigued me due to its flexibility in website design. However, we eventually found that Etsy provided us with the value and reach we were seeking.

Along with website management, I also took on the role of designing banners and creating social media content. I managed our Instagram account, posting weekly updates to showcase our creations. We also utilized Pinterest as a platform to share our work and attract more audience engagement. Recognizing the popularity of TikTok and Instagram reels during the quarantine period, we even ventured into filming and editing content specifically for that platform.

By taking on these various responsibilities, we aimed to expand our online presence and connect with a wider audience across different social media platforms.



This journey was incredibly enjoyable, and I gained valuable insights along the way. As I mentioned earlier, I do wish I had conducted more thorough research in the initial stages, especially regarding the choice of platforms and packaging materials.

However, despite Lilacustudios currently being inactive due to my sister and me being occupied with other commitments, we have a strong desire to revive it in the future.

Every aspect of running the business brought us fulfillment, as creators, witnessing the interest and support from people who were eager to purchase and share our artwork online. The joy of bringing our creations to life and connecting with a community of art enthusiasts is truly rewarding.


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At Lilacustudios, we place immense value on our packaging process, prioritizing the use of reusable and recyclable materials. To safeguard our art prints during shipping, we carefully encase them in eco-friendly sleeves, providing utmost protection against any potential damage. Furthermore, we use rigid mailers to ensure the safe arrival of every order.

To express our appreciation, we include a complimentary set of stickers, designed by myself, along with a unique Lilacustudios sticker. Additionally, each order is accompanied by one of four personalized thank-you cards, adding a personal touch to the packaging experience. We wrap everything thoughtfully in reusable brown paper, further contributing to our commitment to sustainability.

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