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My sister Angela and I both take interest in the art and printing industry. Growing up, I've always explored different art mediums and my sister ended up being interested in graphic design as well. During high school, I got a co-op position at my local UPS Store where they offered graphic services for small businesses where I was able to learn about printing promotional materials and gift ideas. This included things like banners, posters, stickers, and printing on t-shirts, mugs, and coasters. From my experience at The UPS Store, I realized how much I enjoyed printing things and physically having something in my hand.. that's part of why I love making artwork because I get to see all the hard work in the final result. 

From our similar interests, Angela and I decided to open our own print and stationary shop during quarantine in 2020 selling art prints, postcards, and stickers of our own designs. We decided to call our shop "lilacustudios" and prepared our shop for the launch in August 2020.

Our shop can be found here: shop.lilacustudios.com

Role & Skills

Administrative work, artist/designer



Our shop took months of planning due to equipment research and experimenting with our materials. The aim of lilacustudios is not only to sell our personal artwork, but to do it in an environmentally-friendly manner. We wanted to avoid outsourcing our products to ensure that everything being produced was made perfectly and so we decided to purchase our own materials including equipment and print things from a little corner in our home.

Since it was peak quarantine time, there was many delays in our items which prolonged the store launch by weeks. Although nobody knew of our plans, it was still disappointing. Angela was more focused on getting material samples for our packaging such as mailers and things that we could use to protect our products during shipment. I was focused on our equipment such as the printer because since I make digital illustrations and paintings, I wanted our prints to be extremely high-quality and for them not to fade overtime. The paper stock was also incredibly important.

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